520 Area Code: Location, Time Zone, Features, and Benefits

The 520 Area Code provides a distinctive combination of history, outdoor activities, and a pleasant desert the atmosphere due to its rich cultural history and stunning natural beauty. The main city in the area code, Tucson, is renowned for its thriving arts and cultural scene, which includes theaters, museums, and galleries that present a variety of creative expressions. The presence of the College of Arizona in the town additionally promotes a vibrant intellectual scene.

If you need to call somebody whose telephone number includes the area code 520, you’ve got to dial the code further to the number. While visiting a phone number using the area code 520, the dialing method works as listed below:

What is the Area Code 520?

The determination of the geographic area from which a cell phone number originates has been made probable by area codes, that are an important part of phone number systems. Tucson and the surrounding areas belong in the area code 520, and that is a North American Numbering Plan (NANP) code that covers a portion of southern and southeastern Arizona.

The History of the Area Code 520

In 1995, with 602 area code was chopped off into the area code 520. The change was necessary to satisfy Arizona’s growing requirement to provide contact information. From that point, this 520 zip code has served as an essential part of Arizona’s communications system.

520 Area Code Location and Coverage

520 area code

A telephone area code in the United States that serves a specific location is 520. It spans a substantial section of southern Arizona and is mostly related to the state of Arizona.

The location serviced by the 520 area code has a beautiful and varied scenery. Desert landscapes, mighty mountain ranges, and picturesque panoramas define the area. Hikers, cyclists, and birdwatchers may enjoy these activities in places like Saguaro National Park, Coronado National Forest, and Mount Lemmon.

As mentioned before, a portion of southern and southeast Arizona is serviced through the 520 area code. It covers more than 23,000 square miles in total area and homes to over than 1.5 million people. The law governs several of the state’s counties, namely Cochise, Graham, Pima, and Santa Cruz.

520 Area Code Time Zone

520 area code

In the United States, the 520 area code is situated in the Mountain Standard Time (MST) zone. Coordinated Universal Time (UTC-7:00) is seven hours behind Mountain Standard Time. Several states, including Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, Wyoming, and portions of Montana, observe this time zone.

The state of Arizona does not follow Daylight Saving Time (DST, it should be noted). As a result, unlike other areas in the Mountain Time Zone, the 520 area code in Arizona keeps to Mountain Standard Time (MST) throughout the whole year, including the spring and summer months. Arizona is distinct in that it chooses not to follow the national trend of moving clocks forward and backward for DST.

520 Area Code Zip Code

Numerous towns and communities in Arizona are serviced by the 520 area code. The following are some examples of zip codes in the 520 area code:

  • Tucson, Arizona: 85701, 85704, 85705, 85706; 85710; 85711; 85712; 85713; 85714; and more.
  • Including 85613, 85635, and 85636, Sierra Vista, Arizona.
  • Casa Grande, Arizona: zip codes 85122, 85193, 85194, and others.
  • Nogales, Arizona: 85621 through 85648 and more.
  • Douglas, Arizona: 85607, 85608, and additional numbers.
  • Please keep in mind that the zip codes above are just a sample; depending on the region, there could be more zip codes inside the 520 area code.
520 area code

Cities and Countnies Covered by the 520 Area Code

Southern Arizona is significantly covered by the 520 area code. Cities like Tucson, Sierra Vista, Casa Grande, and Nogales are among those included in it. The biggest city in the 520 area code, Tucson, is situated in the southeast of the state. It acts as a crucial point of reference for comprehending the 520 area code’s general location on a map.

You may use a geographic information system (GIS) tool or an online map service to see the area serviced by the 520 area code. You should be able to discover a graphical depiction of the precise borders and coverage of the 520 area code inside Arizona by searching for “520 area code map” on a search engine or mapping program.

How to Get a Phone Number with the 520 Area Code

There are various options available if you want to get a phone number with the 520 area code. Contacting a phone service provider and asking for a number with the code is the simplest method. For this service, some suppliers may demand a fee, while others might supply it without charge. Furthermore, if you’re relocating to the area but still want to preserve your present phone number, you may be able to move it to a different service provider there.

520-200Arizona, Tucson
520-300Sierra Vista, Arizona
520-400Arizona’s Casa
520-600Ariz, Douglas

What is the best Area Code for California

California has a large number of area codes which cover the state’s multiple regions. The idea of a “best” area code is subjective and susceptible to fluctuation according to a variety of factors. However, some readily identifiable area codes linked to different areas of California involve:

  • 213: The town and neighboring regions in central Los Angeles are reached by this area code. Due to its long history and ties to the entertainment industry, it is frequently considered as iconic.
  • The Westside of Los Angeles, including areas like Santa Monica, Malibu, and Beverly Hills, is reached via the area codes 310 and 424. They are linked with affluent towns and the ocean areas.
  • The San Francisco metropolitan region, including Marin County and a portion of San Mateo County, is served by the area codes 415 and 628. They are linked to Northern California’s financial, technical, and cultural center.
  • The Silicon Valley region, noted for its high-tech industry and innovation, is serviced by the area codes 408 and 669.
  • The San Diego region, comprising the city of San Diego and its environs, is served by the area codes 619 and 858. They cover the border area with Mexico, military installations, and coastal settlements.

What Area Code is California

California’s high population and extensive geography necessitate the use of many area codes. Several of the area codes for various regions of California include:

  • 209: Central California, which includes the cities of Merced, Modesto, and Stockton.
  • Central Los Angeles: 213/323.
  • Santa Monica, Malibu, and Beverly Hills are all part of the Westside of Los Angeles (310/424).
  • San Jose and the Silicon Valley area: 408/669.
  • San Francisco and areas of the Bay Area, including Marin County, are covered by 415/628.
  • San Diego and its environs are served by 619/858.
  • 626: The San Gabriel Valley and Pasadena.
  • 707: Northern California, which is home to towns including Vallejo, Santa Rosa, and Napa.
  • 805/820: The Central Coast of California, which includes the cities of Ventura, Santa Barbara, and San Luis Obispo.
  • 916: The region around Sacramento.

 Using the 520 Area Code for Business

Using the area code in your phone number may offer a variety of benefits for companies that are based in or serve the 520 area code. In the beginning, it may aid in establishing a local presence and developing trust with local clients. Additionally, giving your company a local number might make it simpler for clients to get in touch with you without paying long-distance fees. Finally, having a local number might make it simpler for customers to find your company in directories and searches in the area.

Advantages of the 520 Area Code

Using the 520 area code has a number of benefits, including:

  • establishing a presence locally
  • fostering customer trust
  • facilitating client engagement with your company
  • improving the prominence of local search

Disadvantages of the 520 Area Code

Although the 520 area code offers several benefits, there are a few possible downsides as well. Using the area code, for instance, may be seen as misleading or dishonest if your company is located outside of the 520 area code yet you want to develop a local presence. Additionally, compared to using a toll-free number, your costs may be greater if you often make long-distance calls outside of the 520 area code.


The 520 area code is a crucial component of Arizona’s communications network and serves a significant portion of the state. Using the code may have a number of benefits for companies operating in or servicing the area, including creating a local presence and fostering consumer.confidence. However, it’s crucial to take into account any possible disadvantages of utilizing the code, such as long-distance call fees and perhaps deceptive use. In general, the 520 area code is a significant component of Arizona’s phone number system and is essential in linking locals and companies all around the state.

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520 Area Code-FAQ

Where is the 520 area code located?

The 520 area code is primarily associated with the state of Arizona in the United States. It covers a significant portion of southern Arizona, including cities such as Tucson, Sierra Vista, Casa Grande, and Nogales.

What cities are included in the 520 area code?

The major cities and towns within the 520 area code include Tucson, Sierra Vista, Casa Grande, Nogales, Florence, Marana, Sahuarita, Green Valley, and Douglas, among others.

When was the 520 area code established?

The 520 area code was established in 1995 as an overlay for the original 602 area code to meet the growing demand for telephone numbers in southern Arizona.

Is the 520 area code still in use?

Yes, the 520 area code is still active and in use today. It is recognized as the primary area code for southern Arizona.

What time zone does the 520 area code follow?

The 520 area code, along with the rest of Arizona, operates on Mountain Standard Time (MST) year-round. Arizona does not observe Daylight Saving Time, so it does not change to Mountain Daylight Time (MDT) like other regions in the Mountain Time Zone.

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